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Hi. My name's Bilal Mechairia and I'm an experience director and designer based in Washington D.C.

The case studies featured here highlight the past three years of client and personal projects. The work stands on the shoulders of four core disciplines:

Design thinking

Human-computer interaction (HCI)

Graphic design

Motion graphics / Animation

02 - BIO

A little about me - For over a decade, I've collaborated on a diverse range of digital initiatives bringing impactful experiences to every product I work on.

I'm part designer, entrepreneur, and programmer. I'm a creative thinker at heart. I believe in the power of design. I believe in the magic of a child-like curiosity and that tech can save the world. I'm an avid reader, gamer, pop-culture nerd, tinkerer, and maker of things.

I started consulting late in 2013. My first independent project was with Huge Inc. where I helped design the Audi #paidmydues campaign interactive hub.

Since then, I've designed digital experiences with the great people at: Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, eBay, Uber, and Conde-Naste, among others. My work has been featured and recognized by: Computer Arts, Apple, HOW Design, FWA Mobile, and CSSAwards. I love working on:



Augmented Reality

Connected Objects

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