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Interactive Design Studio

01 - Services

Welcome to sharp+nimble. We're an interactive design studio. We partner with businesses of all sizes to create digital products, services and platforms.



Virtual Reality/360

Connected Objects

02 - Capabilities

We bring together web technologies, game engines, particle systems, and mixed realities to our ever evolving studio offerings. Each offering helps our clients produce tailored digital experiences. Our expertise includes:

Research + Prototype

Identity + Content

User Experience


App Development

03 - About

We're a boutique virtual studio of technologists, artists, and engineers. We believe that when ideas are plentiful, curation and execution matter.

04 - Clients

Tylenol (J&J), Audi, Samsung, American Express, Uber, Stelligent, eBay, Vogue, Marriott, One Face In, TSG, Calolo, Bovie, Amlactin, IDOC, Imagen, and many others...

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